Calebe Viegas Antonio: "This tournament helps us to grow up"

After a 6-1 win over Rangers FC, we spoke with Calebe Viegas Antonio from Red Bull Bragantino and one of his coaches about their last match and the tournament as a whole.

You beat Rangers FC by 6-1. What were your thoughts about this last match you played?

This match was amazing. Rangers FC is a good team, but still we managed to play by our style of play and our philosophy. It was a great experience.

What do you think of the new roules on this tournament?

In the beginning it was difficult, because we were not used to it. But we get used to it more and we do our best to adapt.

You play against clubs from different countries. What do you think about your opponents and the tournament so far?

Tournaments helps us, as young players, to grow up. We are young, so we need this kind of experience. The people here are amazing. People here are working hard to do the best for our team. It’s amazing and we are glad to be here and we’ll hope to be here again next edition.
Coach: I agree. We would like to thank the organisation for the hospitality and all the facilities. We have an amazing time. In the tournament we take it one step at a time. We’ll do our best tomorrow in the semifinals. We respect the other teams, we watch their games and we will fight to reach the finale. Hopefully we’ll win the title. That’s why we are here.

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