Junho Lee: "it's a very good chance to develop our players"

After the last match of the group stage we spoke with Junho Lee, captain of Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC. His team didn’t manage to reach the semifinals, but he is still happy to be playing here.

Welcome at this years Otten Innovation Cup. What do you think about the tournament so far?

Teams are from everywhere around the world, like Red Bull Bragantino from Brazil and us from Asia. It’s a very good chance to show and develop our youth players, as well as youth players all around the world.

Is the level you play on here the same as your regular opponents?

This tournament is for under 19-players, we thought this was going to be a youth tournament. We actually learned that this tournament is close to perfection, the players really have the qualities of a professional level. We were surprised about this high level.

What’s also new, is that you play with other rules than you normally do.

Because you only play by your feet, for example because of the dribbling in stead of throwing-in, the game is really fast. So in terms of the flowing of the game it is really going fast. Also for the fans it’s going to be really exciting I think. The players were also really excited about the new rules.

Are you satisfied with the results of your team so far?
To be honest; we are not satisfied, because we weren’t able to win any of our matches. We are also representing our country, so tomorrow we’ll do our best to win the match we’re going to play.

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